Five Planning Tips Straight From Travel Agents

A medical drug bag is essential.

Parizek recommends getting a Cipro prescription. This is “the first line treatment for any stomach bugs that you might catch,” along with your regular Travel Agents medications and emergency prescriptions. This will ease any discomfort that may result from getting sick while traveling, whether it is the stomach flu or traveler’s stomach.

Leave room for souvenirs.

Blasco also shared that she packs less and still has room for souvenirs from her travels. Blasco says that souvenir shopping is one of her favorite things about a trip. This is what I consider when packing.

Tip: Keep a small amount of cash on hand

You can tip by exchanging smaller denominations to ensure that you give credit where credit is due. This should be done before you arrive. Parizek says, “I don’t know how many times I am being asked about my currency in order to tip luggage porters or drivers.” Are you worried about your wallet being empty? This is exactly how much cash you should keep on hand at all times.

Keep a pen handy.

Do not be the person who asks for a pen every time you receive customs forms. Silvana Frappier is the owner of North Star Destinations Travel Agents and a travel advisor. She recommends that you bring two extra pennies just in case. Another tip: Keep a second pen handy in case you lose your cap.

Long layovers are a great opportunity.

It is a good idea to check airline policies regarding extended layovers. Rayner states that some airlines offer meal and hotel vouchers to passengers who stay for more than eight hours. This is a way to tick off another city on your bucket list.

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