How to make money with your travel photos

It is now easier than ever to make money from your travel photos. It can be expensive and time-consuming to travel and take beautiful photos. Why not make it a monetizable business? No longer do you need to lobby publications for your work. Nowadays, making money with your photography is as simple as spending half an hour on your computer.

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Fine Art America has been a great platform for selling my travel photos online. I have used them for years and find their platform easy to use. You don’t even need to be a professional photographer in order to start selling your photos online.

High Quality Equipment
Although I believe that professional equipment is not necessary to take great travel photos, there are certain technical specifications that can help you get the best results. Quality lenses and cameras will reduce noise, improve low-light conditions, sharpen your images, and enable you to create a variety of photo styles.

A tripod, flash, intervalometer and cover for your camera will help you be more creative and flexible.

Also, I recommend that you learn a little bit about post-production. When it comes to selling photos online, you will be able to edit your photos properly.

How to make money with your travel photos?

Make Images and Practice Often Once you’ve got your gear, you can start taking tons of photos. There is no harm in taking as many photos as possible while traveling. You’ll be more likely to capture the right shot if you keep snapping.

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What about when you aren’t traveling?

Take photos of your own backyard! You can make your hometown a destination of choice for many people. Get out there and explore it!

Fine Art America: Upload your images Now is the time to upload your travel photos to Fine Art America. Fine Art America will allow you to upload your travel photos and sell them. You can sell wall art, stationery and tech products on the site.

Fine Art America’s interface is my favorite. They are set up primarily to sell art. There are no sign-up fees. They have tons of product options. They have fulfillment centers around the globe. And they handle the entire selling process.

Select the Products You Want to Offer The next step is to decide what products you want to offer. Consider your brand, photos and the functionality of products when choosing products. As a travel blogger and photographer, I have included many of my travel photos on wall art.

Fine Art America will allow you to create a portfolio of print-on-demand art that can be purchased. The website requires approval. However, you can upload 25 photos free of charge.

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If you want to stick with wall art, there is a wider selection of options. Personally, I sell canvas prints and framed prints as well as art prints, posters metal prints acrylic prints wood prints and greeting cards.

If your art is applicable to the item they are purchasing, customers can choose to customize the size, frame and mat.

Set your prices Fine Art America sets the base prices for your products. Then, you decide the markup. What you decide to mark up is what you will earn from sales.

You have the freedom to choose what your markup is, but it should be high enough to feel that your work is valued and low enough to make it accessible to buyers.

Promote Your Work Now it’s time for you to promote your work. Fine Art America offers an embed feature that allows you to link to your artwork on your website. However, I recommend also doing some promotion and marketing about the items. Tell your friends, share it with your social media followers, and maybe even write an article about it!

People can search for your photos in Fine Art America, so tag your photos accordingly on their site.

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It is a good idea to make a list of tags that can be used with your photo and then to nihilize it from there. Your photos will be compared to hundreds, if certainly thousands of other images using this search function. Being as niche as you can is a great way to get found.