Ten Things to Know Before You Take a River Cruise in France

You might consider a river cruise through France. Lucky you! I believe that a river cruise is the best way to see the country. You’ll have a front row seat to beautiful nature and historic cities.

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Avalon Waterways recently took me on a Rhone River cruise, travelling south from Lyon to Port-Saint-Louis. The whole trip took eight days. I stayed in one their beautiful suites with floor to ceiling panoramic windows. This trip was not only hassle-free for me, but also luxurious, thrilling, and rich in history. This guide will cover everything you need before going on a river cruise through France.

It’s stress-free and your itinerary is up to you

Avalon Waterways cruises are a great choice if you want a stress-free vacation that caters specifically to your interests.

Your sightseeing plan is completely up to your cruise. You can choose to go on multiple excursions each day, with different activity levels. Or you can just relax onboard the ship. You can relax in luxury and see France with the help of the staff.

Unusual Ways to Explore the Country

A cruise is a great way to have a unique experience in France.

Avalon Waterways’ small river-fitted vessels allow them to include less-visited locations on their itineraries, which are often off the tourist trail and inaccessible by larger ships.

A European river cruise is not only unique, but it also allows you to see more than the tourist attractions on your vacation.

You can take your bike out for free and create your own tour

Avalon Waterways provided free bicycles for me to use at each stop of my French river cruise. This makes it easy to explore each city, especially if you don’t have any tours booked or feel like doing it on your own. Avalon Waterways even provides lunch to keep you going throughout the day. Many Excursions and Tours are included. You can even do multiple tours at some ports.

Avalon Waterways offers a unique alternative to major cruise lines that require you to pay for every excursion or tour. You can choose to pay more for special experiences or excursions that are included in your ticket price. They also offer multiple tours to different ports if time permits.

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The unique tours included on my Active & Discovery tour were a delight. I felt like I got to see a different side of France, from a Van Gogh painting workshop at Arles to kayaking in Ardeche Gorge.

You won’t get seasick

River cruises are a great choice if you want to go on a cruise, but are prone to getting seasick. You can skip the Dramamine or ginger pills because the ships don’t rock as much in the river.

All Amenities Included

It can be frustrating to have to pay extra for amenities, especially if you are constantly borrowing cash or using a credit card. Avalon Waterways covers all meals, activities, perks, and costs of your ticket. You will not be charged for any of the items that are available onboard unless you decide to buy them.

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You can cruise without the crowds

Avalon Waterways is a great option for cruising. You won’t have to fight other tourists. Avalon Waterways ships are much smaller than the average cruiser because of France’s rivers.

These vessels are smaller and can carry fewer people, which allows for a more local experience and allows organizers to include smaller cities and towns on the itinerary.

This is a great way to travel if you have food allergies

  • Food allergies can make it difficult to take a group trip, such as a cruise. You’re often left to decide what menu items you want to eat.
  • Avalon Waterways’ meal options are exceptional. They are transparent about the ingredients and their staff will accommodate intolerances.
  • My food allergies were never an issue on my cruise. The staff created delicious meals that met my needs and they remembered me without me having to remind.
  • You Get a Bigger View From Your Bed!

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Hotels in France have small bathrooms and rooms unless you are in a newer part of town.