Fun Things to Do Outside Amsterdam

With its scenic canals, slim townhouses, and interesting cultural treasures, Amsterdam sure is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit. It is no wonder that it is one of the most favorite destinations in not just The Netherland but the entire Europe among travelers. But Amsterdam is not all that the welcoming country of The Netherlands has to offer. There are plenty of amusing sites outside of Amsterdam that are worth a visit. Many of these sites are not that far from Amsterdam and even with public transport, it will only take a day for you to check these places. Also, since Amsterdam is not that big and you can easily experience the best of it in just one day, adding another day will not be difficult.

So here are some of the fun things outside Amsterdam that you can do and make your trip to The Netherlands more than what you planned and hence, memorable.

  • Zaanse Schans      

Just like most things in The Netherlands, Zaanse Schans is a small village which will leave you fascinated with its rich history and some of the most magnificent windmills that you might have ever seen in your entire life. Although the best time to visit Amsterdam tours the village is in the morning but a casual walk in the evening will also be enough of an experience to take back with you. Just make sure that you do not end up trespassing someone’s property by accident because that would be disrespectful to the locals.

  • Keukenhof Gardens

In case you heard that The Netherland is famous for its flowers, especially tulips, while you were planning your trip and still haven’t figured out why, you are about to get your answers. Only 40 minute drive away from Amsterdam, the Keukenhof Gardens is one of the largest flower gardens in Europe, if not the whole world.

A perfect place to capture Instagram worthy pictures while feeling like you are in some kind of movie or fairytale. Although tulips are what you will in abundance here, but the Keukenhof Gardens are also home to endless rows of vibrant yellow daffodils and hyacinths in the perfect bright peachy, pink and purple colors.

  • Marken & Volendam

The two gems of Northern part of Holland; Marken is the town to go to if you are interested in Dutch culture and fishing while Volendam is the place where you will find the finest of the souvenirs to take back with you. 

You can even observe the art of shoemaking in the colorful town of Marken and learn a thing or two about the craft as well. 

  • Canals of Utrecht

Utrecht University is the largest university that you will find in The Netherlands, and thanks to the dynamic student culture, Utrecht has become home to cheap food and shopping districts. But the main highlight of the town is its pedestrian areas. Bordered by a beautiful canal from both sides, these areas are the ideal place to have picnics, dine in one of the outdoor cafes or have evening drinks sitting by the edge of the water.