Advantages of Owning a Condo in Kihei

Want to reside on Maui? Thinking about Kihei and also its world-class coastlines? You may have been right here on vacation and assumed that Kihei would certainly be a wonderful location to live. Maintain reviewing to find out about the pros and cons of living in this laid-back coastline community.

When I initially transferred to Kihei in 2006 from Cincinnati, Ohio I was caring life. My partner and I were both functioning evenings, allowing us daily to take pleasure in South Maui’s finest beaches. Our loved ones were impressed that we had made such a radical change as well as appeared to be thriving in our brand-new island residence. At the same time, they were astonished that we were paying $1,050 every month to rent a 1-bedroom ohana. Cincinnati had, back then, some of the most economical real estate in the country. Our regular monthly rent in Kihei could quickly cover the home loan of a pristine house in Ohio. However, for us, the month-to-month lease settlement was worth it, for it managed us the atmosphere we preferred.

Is Kihei Right for You?

I’m commonly asked if Maui is the most effective location to live. I respond stating that it’s the best area for me. In considering all of Maui, I find condos for sale in Kihei Maui to be the best choice … for me. For the other 22,000 or two Kihei homeowners, I must presume they agree, for this touristy beach community has its rate.

In checking out the advantages and disadvantages to living anywhere, what you’ll pertain to find is that anything could be taken into consideration either a pro or a disadvantage. Is life on Maui much better than it is in Ohio? For someone that values a larger residence, more diverse work chances or driving accessibility to a variety of destinations, the solution would certainly be no. For this reason, I will certainly provide truths you may or might not have considered when establishing whether living in Kihei is right for you.


If you have actually been browsing Zillow, you more than likely have seen in the summary, “only 5 mins from the beach!”. While this absolutely stands out for those that don’t understand far better, those who know Kihei recognize that all over is 5 mins from the coastline. The high quality of stated coastline might alter, yet that’s for another blog site. Kihei is essentially 6 miles of coastline, with real estate expanding inland about 1 mile.

Relaxed Vibe

In Kihei, the freeway rate limit is 40 miles per hr, a tucked in aloha t-shirt is thought about official as well as the only time you see people running is if they are doing it for exercise. This town is laid back in more ways than one. For your typical Kihei citizen, shorts as well as tees are the requirement. It’s not unusual to see individuals in stores without a t-shirt. Also at a good dinner restaurant, trousers as well as closed-toed shoes may be overdoing it. If you like dressing up, please do, just know that you may be the only one putting on a long-sleeved collared t-shirt or mixed drink dress.

Individuals often tend to relocate slower and like to speak. Let’s state you quit at a supermarket on your method home from work. You enter the fastest checkout lane with just two individuals before you. The individual checking out has a raincheck requiring monitoring approval after that continues to pay using a personal check. The next person in line is good friends with the cashier. This is their time to catch up and also, while the discussion only lasts momentarily or so, that minute feels a lot longer if you remain in a rush.

The Slower Pace is a Way of Life

Individuals take their time driving, often providing others the access out of turn. A journey to Kahului for groceries as well as housewares can be a half-day outing and also an entire day of rest work can be spent sitting on a chair at the park. This unwinded way of living can take some obtaining utilized to. It’s nice when you can take your time to smell the plumerias, however it can additionally be aggravating if you’re short on perseverance.