How to keep your luggage safe

How can you prevent your bags being stolen or tampered with. Here are our top tips to keep your bags safe while traveling.

Before you leave:

Carry your bags!

When you cross borders, catch flights, or pass through Customs, be sure to know what your bag contains. Do not offer to take anything on your behalf. While this may seem obvious, there are many stories about unsuspecting travelers who try to help their new travel companion but end up carrying illegal items. You can make new friends while on the road. But let them bring their stuff. Do you travel a lot? There have been many challenges in finding the right Best Travel Bags For Women that combines style, durability, practicality and affordability.

Learn about quarantine laws

You should be aware of quarantine laws. Also, make sure that you don’t import illegal substances. These could be as innocent or sinister as wood carvings or fruit. Some countries have harsher penalties than a verbal telling off. In Australia, you could face a penalty of up to AU $220 or 10 years imprisonment for serious offenses. Ouch.

Make sure you have the right gear for your trip

Consider how much gear you have to carry (trust us, less is better) and then think about how many bags you will need. It’s easier to carry one bag than two.

Keep it locked in a secure bag.

You should ensure that your luggage locks are in compliance with the US’s specific requirements when you travel to the USA. These can be opened by security personnel using universal master keys, so your locks don’t need to be cut.

Always take zip ties for your luggage

These zip ties don’t replace a lock but they can be very useful in protecting your bags from being stolen. They can be easily removed, but they keep opportunists out of your bag.

The most popular are black or white, but you can mix it up with other colors to add some identity.

Do not touch your bag if it arrives at the airport with missing cable ties or a color combination that isn’t yours. Call a security guard and inform them that your bag has been altered. Although you will be subject to a thorough search of the bag, if contraband is found in it, you will have a strong alibi.

Find the best travel insurance for you trip

It is quite frustrating to lose luggage and it can also be very costly to replace the contents. If you have expensive gadgets, such as smartphones, cameras, or laptops, you need to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage. Check that these valuable items are fully covered by the policy description.

You might lose everything

It’s not easy to pack light and well. However, it is possible to avoid wasting valuable or sentimental belongings by packing light. Sometimes, lost luggage is the bag that you most often forget… experienced travelers may spend hours searching for the perfect backpack.

How to protect your luggage while on the road

Never leave your bag behind!

Be sure to take your luggage along with you, whether you are at the beach, in the cafe or at the airport lounge. As long as the safest hotel safes are available, make sure that your hotel room is secure.

You should lock your zippers and locks if you leave your bag in your room. Even though the bag could be stolen, the goal is to make it harder for any potential thief to steal.

Thieves are quick to act and can make your bag disappear or steal items from it. Keep your passport, money and other valuables on your person rather than in your bag.

You can secure your bag to your table or wrap it around your leg if you are sitting at a café or restaurant.

Keep your valuables close at hand

What happens if you don’t have your valuables? The chicken-bus roof is big enough to hold your 90-litre backpack.

You can take out any valuable items and stuff them into your daypack. Use zip ties and locks to secure your main bag. Then, throw it on the bus with the rest of the stuff and pray for the best. For the next 15 hours, sit with your full daypack on your lap and enjoy it. Then think about how light you are going to be on your next trip.

Secure your daypack

Do not leave your zips untied or open the pockets – pickpockets can easily steal your gear, or cause it to tumble on the pavement.

It’s a good idea to carry your daypack in front of you when you’re in crowded places like train stations or markets. You might not look cool hugging your bag but it won’t be exposed to the outside world. Many people believe they can tell if someone is reaching for their bag. However, this is not always true.