Tucker Smith: Is a bass pro

Tucker Smith, 19, has had success

Tucker Smith, 19, has had success with bass fishing since he was just 19. Auburn University freshman Tucker Smith is a Birmingham, Alabama angler. Smith, a 2020 graduate from Briarwood Christian School won the Bassmaster High School National Championship for an astonishing three consecutive years, 2018 through 2020. The tournament was first held on Kentucky Lake in 2014. Smith won the 2018 and 2019 tournaments as Grayson Morris’ partner, and Hayden Marbut in 2020.

Smith is a charming young man who has a great smile and a strong head. Smith was raised fishing right with his grandfather Bo Stanford and uncle Robbey Stanford. He shared his boat with Joey Nania (a Mercury Pro Team member who was also one of the hosts on the “Sweetwater”) television show as a child. Aaron Martens, a professional angler, was another Mercury Pro Team member who mentored Smith. He also contributed to Smith’s growth as a person as well as as his ability as an angler.

Smith is a man of great talent and mature humility, who also has the potential to become a mentor to export fishermen.

Wise Counsel: The Benefit Tucker Smith

Tucker Smith Aaron MartensPartly Smith’s fishing inspiration can be attributed to his close relationship with Major League Fishing pro Aaron Martens from Leeds, Alabama. Aaron’s daughter Jordan is a student at Briarwood Christian School, and she fishes with Smith’s cousin Sadie.

Aaron stated that Tucker has tremendous potential to be the pinnacle in our sport. “He’s not only an intuitive angler but he is also kind, charismatic, and well-spoken.”

He is the Bassmaster Angler of Year three times. He is 48 years old and currently fighting life-threatening brain cancer.

“I’ve known Aaron for several years and it’s amazing Zoey Grossman how knowledgeable he is about fishing. Smith said that Uncle Robbery, and I were with Aaron in the boat in April 2020 when he suffered his first brain injury and seizures. It was scary, but it was an experience that I am glad we shared. He wouldn’t have been able get off the water if we weren’t there. A-Mart is a friend who I consider a blessing.

“Robbery and Aaron, along with Joe, our fishing buddy, have a group chat. We all support each other. Aaron and other people who God has placed in my life have made me truly thankful.”