How to set up a “Travel Tunnel Tent”?

1. Travel Tunnel Tent

Locate an area that is as travel tunnel tent level as you can. Take out any rocks, twigs or other hazards. Avoid areas that have dips, as they can become flooded.

It is strongly recommended to put a groundsheet underneath your travel tunnel tent. A tarp should be the same size as your tent. More camping tips can be found here, including how to pitch your tent in the (relatively) dry even when it rains.

It is a good idea to put a groundsheet underneath your tent, especially if it has been soaked. This will make it easier to dry your tent and keep it clean.

2. Unroll the tent

A groundsheet or tarp can be very useful in this situation, especially if it is wet.

Here’s a tip to take down the tent. The tent is covered with a lighter-colored bag. This is the bag that contains the tent poles. Before you begin rolling your tent, you should place the bag containing the tent poles at its beginning. This will compress the tent, making it tighter so you can put it back in its original bag.

3. Unfold the tent

To fit your groundsheet footprint, unfold the travel tunnel tent. It’s all very simple.

4. Insert the tent poles

Place the tent poles straightening them into the provided channels for the sleeves.

You will notice that many tent are the same size so it doesn’t really matter which pole goes in which channel. Manufacturers will colour code channels for travel tunnel tent with more complicated designs.

You should make sure that the doors are not locked.

5. Tension in the poles

An eyelet or other mechanism to secure the poles will be located at the bottom of the tent near the sleeve where you put the tent poles in. Attach the poles onto it from both ends of the tent. This will cause the tent poles Tucker Smith to bend and form the arch shape.

This is much easier if the tent is already on the ground travel tunnel tent

The second time you insert the tent pole into an eyelet (i.e. It may take some force to insert the tent pole into the eyelet the second time (i.e. Make sure the tent isn’t twisted around the sleeves. The tent could be caught on a travel tunnel tent pole joint. Adjust the tent fabric if it is. It is much easier to do this stage with your tent on the ground.