The world’s Priciest rehab clinic


Kusnacht Practice, Zollikon, Switzerland

Situated and also easy access Kusnacht is one. All patients have access to her or his private care group, who aid in making a programme that is tailor-made that will assist you accomplish your objectives.

The homes at Kusnachtlook like houses from the inside design magazine, decked out from designer furnishings and boasting views to guarantee peace and comfort.

The Sanctuary, Byron Bay, Australia

Revered for the alleged success rate and for its solitude. Six patients are treated by this Expensive Rehab Guide center at one time and provides methods such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, and African American dancing and drumming. Each customer has their personal chef.

Inspired by the pristine beaches, ancient rainforests and mountain ranges of Byron Bay, individuals are invited to get through activities like kayaking, bush and beach walks hot air ballooning and much more.

Santani, Kandy, Sri Lanka

This hillside property carries a holistic approach. Together with a personalised diet program, customers will receive herbal medicine, 1 session of yoga along with 2 meditation sessions daily, daily spa therapies and normal use of the sauna, steam and thermal salt water pool to fully nourish and nourish all the toxins out of your body.

Named after the Sanskrit word meaning”in harmony with,” Santani’s lush, historical greenery is fulfilled with modern design to make an unforgettable and inspirational setting that will certainly leave you feeling nostalgic.

The Cabin, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Place in the foothills of Chiang Mai, The Cabin has a reputation for remedy and its care it provides its patients, who get to enjoy facilities and lodging.

The Cabin treats all kinds of dependence, from alcohol and drugs to gambling and food, using its alternative recovery programme directed by a treatment group that includes 2 psychologists and two psychiatrists.

Sivana Rehab, Bali, Indonesia

Restricted to eight customers at one time, Sivana provides its guests a holiday throughout their recovery’s adventure –believe cuisine that is nourishing, comfortable and spacious condos, biking, biking and environment.

Sivana unites a functional, physical, religious and medical approach to addiction therapy, supplying a service group, a location in Canggu plus programmes and care that is in-house.

Sabino Recovery, Tucson, Arizona, USA

By PTSD to chemical abuse, Sabino Recovery goes to amazing lengths to deliver back their patients to optimal health. Great care is paid to details, from exceptionally comfy beds and bedding to get a fantastic night’s sleep to special treatments that vary from equine treatment to music therapy in addition to movement and art therapy.

The center can be found in the bottom of the Catalina Mountains, surrounded by mountain and desert scenery.

Promises, Malibu, California, USA

Robert Downey, Jr., Diana Ross, Lindsay Lohan and several other actors have sought refuge at Promises, Malibu to conquer their dependence. Apart from dedicated therapy for everything to trauma, relationship problems and anxiety, Promises places great significance.

This treatment center in the scenic Santa Monica Mountains offers its patients meditation places for ocean views and reflection, gourmet dishes, swimming pools.