The Best Ways To Volunteer In South Africa


Are you looking for the best way to volunteer in South Africa? Here are some of the best opportunities to volunteer in South Africa.

1. Big 5 Monitoring, Conservation, Sustainable Living

It is a research project created by LEO Africa. It aims to provide ecologists and park wardens with the most detailed information about the wildlife in Marataba section. The information allows a proper evaluation of the impact of re-introduced animals. It also allows the maintenance of a balanced, sustainable and stable ecosystem.

Some of the highlights of this opportunity to volunteer in South Africa include:

  • Learning about sustainable living and how to apply it directly to your life.
  • Spend about 10 to 12 hours in the field and learn about the behavior of African predators as well as herbivores.
  • Get the best experience in data recording, observation and tracking of wildlife and much more.
  • Learn about the conservation activities and how to contribute to them directly.
  • Volunteer assisting with the big 5, cheetahs and hyena monitoring in the Marataba section found in the Marakele National Park.

Choose this opportunity to volunteer in South Africa and have a great experience in the wild.

2. Great White Shark Conservation

It is a project created by The Great Projects. It is aimed at preserving the great white shark, one of nature’s predators, and its environment. The volunteer opportunity allows you to learn why you need to conserve this species. Some of the highlights of the volunteer opportunity include:

  • Working closely with eco-tourists, students and conservation organizations as well as marine resource users.
  • Go into an adventurous diving cage and observe the great white sharks in their natural environment.
  • Collecting important data for the conservation project and also analyzing the infamous predator closely.
  • Enjoy the unforgettable experience with the great white shark.

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of media publicity on sharks. As such, they have become the most misunderstood, maligned and hated species on the planet. During this time, sharks have been hunted, pursued and slaughtered to the point of critical endangerment. With this conservation project, the great white shark lives to see another day.

3. Wildlife Reserve Supporter

The agency behind this amazing volunteer opportunity in South Africa is Plan My Gap Year. If you choose to volunteer here, you can work behind the scenes in one of the best wildlife reserves in South Africa. It’s the best wildlife program. Do you love animals? Are you interested in the conservation of endangered species? Well, this is the right volunteer opportunity for you in South Africa.

Some of the highlights of this wildlife program include:

  • Volunteering with the Big 5 in one of the best wildlife reserves in South Africa.
  • Walk alongside the fascinating and adventurous wild animals and have an unforgettable experience.
  • You can help the orphaned or injured animals in the wildlife reserve and enjoy the rewarding feeling of saving the wildlife in South Africa.

If you are looking for a great way to save animals and make sure they lead a good life, this volunteer opportunity is the right choice for you.

4. Childcare At A Creche Or Kindergarten

You can volunteer with Stay Africa Volunteers and participate in a program that caters to children in some of the poorest townships in Cape Town. As a volunteer, you will work together with the local teachers and introduce the children to basic concepts such as geography, culture, writing and math.

You can also help promote proper behavior and good manners to children as well as positive development through dancing, art, games and sport. You can help the local teachers provide individualized attention to the children falling behind. Some of the highlights of the program include:

  • Taking advantage of your enthusiasm for children to provide the best learning resources to children in the poorest townships in Cape Town.
  • Encourage the little ones to learn by engaging them with art, sports and dancing.

If you love children and teaching, this is one of the best volunteer opportunities for you. During your free time, you can bask in the amazing Mediterranean climate and discover the night life that Cape Town has to offer. Also, don’t forget to visit a wildlife reserve near you and spot the big 5.

5. Big Cats Sanctuary

It is a program spearheaded by Panthera Africa. As a volunteer you will learn what happens behind the scenes in any sanctuary. The main purpose of the sanctuary is to take care of big cats who have previously been bred in captive. Here, they are protected and guaranteed to prosper for the rest of their lives.

The program has created an educational platform where people can learn about the conditions the big cats face when in captivity. There is no cub breeding, petting or trading in this sanctuary.

As a volunteer in the sanctuary, some of your tasks include:

  • Taking care of the big cats
  • Preparing food for the big cats and feeding them
  • Cleaning and maintaining the enclosures
  • Educating visitors about the big cats

It is a great opportunity to spend time with the big cats and learn more about them. Try out this volunteer opportunity for the most amazing experience in South Africa.

6. Equine And Wildlife Holiday

The program was created by African Dream Horse Safari. Here, you can experience the wildlife in the Big 5 Game reserves. You can take part in the equine activities available. Also, you will get a chance to help out at various outreach programs.

As a volunteer, you can take the horses for a swim in the dam and gallop through the paths. Even better, you can take a quiet stroll through the bushes as the rest of the wildlife watches you. It’s a great place to learn the various skills such as dressage, jumping or games so you can work with horses in a comfortable and safe way.


Volunteering is a great way to give back. With these top volunteer opportunities, you can find a great way to give back and have a good experience in South Africa.