Best Hotels in Capri, Italy

All of my recommendations are based on personal experiences gained through visits and stays with my family or friends. You will find many wonderful places to stay on the island. This list is by no means exhaustive. Traveler Focus, an independent publication, was launched by a group of Travel Enthusiasts in 2023. We provide consistent content on the best Hotels in Capri, Italy.

Holly will give me her insider tips for where to stay on Capri and how to get around it.

Capri: A Local’s Guide

Capri, a beautiful 10.4-kilometre island off the Bay of Naples, is picturesque. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, spectacular limestone cliffs, cobbled lanes lined with bougainvillea, and sparkling aquamarine waters.

Capri is a popular summer destination for international and Italian tourists alike. Its mystical Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), famous Faraglioni rock, historical Roman ruins, numerous jaw-dropping belvederes, and fashionable Piazzetta have all attracted many. There is also a longstanding appeal to high society, from Roman emperors and Jackie Kennedy Onassis to Jennifer Lopez.

Although there are many books, photographs, artworks, and film sets that capture Capri’s beauty well, it is not difficult to see the island’s beauty with your own eyes. You can’t really experience island life without breathing the ‘Capri air’. Book at least a few nights to get the best of the island. ).

Capri is also where destino took me to love my husband, Caprese native Gianluca. We have two beautiful children. It’s also the place where I started a new life, raising a family, and managing an island business. My first trip to Capri was in 2013, and I was staying at one of these hotels. It would change my life forever, and eventually take me away from Australia.

Holly and Gianluca at Hotel Luna

Since moving to Capri, we have had a steady stream of friends and family visit us. The location is definitely the main draw. My “go-to” resource for island suggestions for everything, from accommodation, shopping, dining, boat rides, and other local experiences, is me. I am more than happy to pass on some of my local knowledge.

There are options for accommodation to fit all budgets, contrary to popular belief. Many attractive packages offer more value than similar stays on the mainland. Consider day trips to the mainland to avoid traffic, and then returning to the island atmosphere to enjoy the evenings.

Getting Around Capri

Capri is not allowed to have cars during high season without a permit. Some areas are only accessible by foot. This is why I recommend that you arrange luggage transfers from the port directly to your accommodation. This will make it easier to arrive, especially if you are staying in an area that is pedestrian-only.

The main means of getting around the island are public transport (bus and funicular), taxis, and walking. You can take the bus from Marina Grande to Anacapri and Capri, or you can ride the funicular that connects the port with Capri. Each one-way ticket costs EUR2.50 if you pre-purchase your bus tickets at the ticket office. The price for a one-way ticket is EUR2.50 if you pay onboard.

See ferry pricing and timetables.

Two ports are available in Naples: Molo Beverello, where high-speed ferries depart (50 mins to Capri), and Calata Porta di Massa, where slow ferries (car ferry) depart (1-1.25hrs to Capri). It takes 20 minutes to get from Sorrento, while it takes 30 minutes to get there by slow ferry.

Although it is rare, ferries may be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather conditions. Your hotel concierge can keep you informed of any changes or contact the ferry company directly.

After we have covered transportation and arrival, let’s get to the best parts of island living.

The Best Hotels in Capri Italy

All of my recommendations are based on personal experiences gained through visits and stays with my family or friends. This list is not exhaustive as there are many wonderful places to stay on the island. There might be another Part! Except for Hotel Luna, all hotels are listed in ascending star rating order.

Hotel Luna Pool (Photo Courtesy Holly)

Hotel Luna

It is here that it all began. The 4 star Hotel Luna, perched on a cliff with breathtaking views of the Faraglioni rock formations, is nothing short of a paradise. When I decided to visit Capri, I was a bit impulsive and booked a room at Hotel Luna on very short notice.

After settling down on the lounge terrace, I had an Aperol Spitz and began a conversation. His friend Gianluca recommended Michel’angelo as a restaurant to try. As I entered the restaurant, I felt an inexplicable energy from Gianluca. It seemed to transcend linguistic, cultural, and geographic barriers. The rest is history.

Hotel Caesar Augustus

The majestic 5-star Hotel Caesar Augustus is another cliffside gem with breathtaking views of Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples. It can also be seen from the port of Marina Grande. It is hard to leave the Hotel Caesar Augustus, which boasts stunning sea views, a wellness area, a cocktail terrace, art collection, and a garden to table restaurant. ).

Grand Hotel Quisisana

The Quisisana, with a history that spans more than 150 years is Capri’s Grand Dame. The official opening and closing of the Summer season in Capri by this 5 star luxury hotel is marked with the raising of international flags above the Quisi bar terrace. It is a highly sought-after ritual to have a seat on the Quisi bar’s front terrace, especially during aperitivo.

Capri Palace

The Capri Palace Jumeriah hotel, a 5 star property, is located on the opposite side of the island in Anacapri’s picturesque hills. The lavish grounds are located close to the chairlift to Monte Solaro and the historic center of Anacapri. You can choose from 66 rooms in a modern Mediterranean design, with access to the outdoor swimming pool and world-renowned beauty salon.

Hotel Villa Brunella

This hidden gem is the 4 star family-run Hotel Villa Brunella. The Ruggerio family has been making their loyal clients happy for generations by locating on Via Tragara, a pedestrian street in Capri. You will find spacious, well-equipped rooms that lead to the sea on different levels.

Hotel Canasta

The boutique, family-run 4 star hotel is located adjacent to Via Camerelle luxury shopping area. It has been stylishly decorated using classic Caprese majolica tile and other details that reflect Capri’s traditional charm. Pietro Emilio, the hotel’s owner, is always available to assist you during your stay.

Hotel Gatto Bianco

Since the golden age of Capri in 1950, the centrally located 4 star Hotel Gatto Bianco has been a center of island history. Brigitte Barrot and Jackie Kennedy Onassis were among their famous guests. Renato Esposito, one of the family’s owners, is a well-known art, literature, and culture historian. To share his enthusiasm and passion for his island home, he also leads tours to historical sites.

Hotel Mamela

Hidden behind the Via Camerelle, is a quiet laneway that leads to the recently renovated 4-star Hotel Mamela. Although the hotel was founded in the 19th century, the Maresca family has managed it since 1964. The hotel boasts spacious, light-filled suites that are beautifully decorated in a mix of Caprese and modern styles. Suites can be enjoyed with a view of the sea or the lush bougainvillea-filled gardens at nearby private villas.