Meet “Zoey Grossman” Photographer Behind the Lens

Photographs have a magic power over me. Images that are all-encompassing, I just can’t help but look. Explore. Zoey Grossman, an LA photographer, creates magical photographs. Zoey Grossman’s photos are feminine and sensual, but with a touch of edgy grit. They capture a wonderful sense of mood that is hard to resist.

Zoey Grossman an LA photographer

We had a chance to catch up with Zoey grossman at the “Eastern Star” shoot in Los Angeles’ hidden hills. She is kind, funny and smart. Her work with her team was inspiring, and she is truly collaborative and communicative. Continue reading to find out more about this bright and thoughtful woman and view all her stunning images.

Where were you raised? What has this experience influenced who you are today

Although I was born in Manhattan and grew up in Los Angeles, my parents raised me there. Los Angeles has taught me to appreciate both the pace of big cities and also the quiet, contemplative moments found in nature. Both of these were possible for me growing up in LA. I am grateful for the people I grew up with and the exposure to the arts. LA is an inspiring and artistic city that encourages creativity, according to me.

I agree. What zoey grossman kind of child were you?

I was quiet, shy, and thoughtful as a child I remember obsessively decorating my bedroom and matching my clothes from the age of 5. I remember having zoey grossman posters of Warrant, Poison and other images that I could stare at for hours. I also used to listen to Cherry Pie on repeat…no joke.

What was the first time you realized you were interested in photography? What attracted you to photography?

I’ve always enjoyed looking at photos. Although I have dabbled in photography all my life, I didn’t really get into it or learn the technical aspects until college. After I learned the technical side of photography, I was hooked. In college, I took “visual diary”, a class that allowed us to record our lives. It was a very powerful class and I loved it.

Last week at our shoot, I was struck by how well your team works together. How many years have you worked together? What makes you feel so happy?

We are so grateful! My team is someone I truly love and appreciate. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. It is truly a team effort. I trust my colleagues and value their opinions and tastes. I enjoy talking about hair, makeup and lighting. They are my friends. It is so important for me to work alongside people I trust and love, and who understand me. I have worked with many people over different periods of time. Luke, the amazing hairstylist that I work with, and I have been together Operation Search for three years. It feels like we are 50.