Why you should visit the Komodo Island

If you are planning a trip either for a holiday or just a getaway, ensure that the next place you visit is the Komodo Island.

Filled with adventure and natural beauty, it is a place you will never forget. The photo opportunities you will get in this island will get you more likes and followers on social media seeking to learn more of the places you visit.

The Komodo Island is a land of mystery and beauty and it calls out to each one of us to visit.

What to do and see in the Komodo Island

1.    Komodo dragons

The Komodo islands get their name from the largest land reptile. An aggressive oversize lizard indigenous to this islands. You can book a day trip to the Komodo National Park where you will see them in the hundreds.

Due to their aggressive nature, you will be accompanied by an experienced ranger who will give you tips and pointers on what to do when you encounter one showing signs of aggression towards you. In addition, to protection from the lizard, the park rangers are experts and provide you with information on these rare animals.

2.    Enjoy diving and snorkeling

The Komodo islands are surrounded by vast sparkling, clean and clear ocean waters. They have done their best to prevent pollution and over fishing in their waters.

As a result, the islands have a vibrant and diverse marine life that can be experienced firsthand via a dive or by snorkeling.

In the Komodo Islands, there are specialist diving trainers who assess you to ensure that you are capable of handling yourself while you are under water. Although you will be accompanied by an experienced diver, it is important hay you are a competent diver yourself.

Diving lets you experience the untainted coral reefs of the island, diverse marine flora and fauna exemplified by large numbers of rarely found fish species such as the manta rays, dolphins and different types of sharks.

3.    Hiking the Padar Islands

The Padar Islands are a mountainous island that you can hike in one session. You should have the right hiking shoes for this experience and depending on your fitness you can get to the top in less than one hour.

While at the top, you are able to get a panoramic view of the ocean and the other islands dotted around the ocean.

It is highly advised that you take the hike in the morning hours as later on in the day, it may be difficult to hike due to the heat from the coastal sun.

4.    Multi-colored beaches

In the Komodo Island, due to the nature of the islands natural resources such as the ocean and the volcanic island mountains, you will experience multi-colored beaches.

Looking around from the top of the Padar Island you will see this distinction clearly.

There are three different types of beaches on the island. One side is pink which you should absolutely visit and get to experience this worldwide rarity. The other side is white while the other side is black.

5.    Enjoy a boat ride

Depending on your available time and preference there are different types of boat rides that you can experience.

You can book for a one day boat ride. This is a boat ride that starts in the morning at 6 am and ends in the evening at 6pm. With this boat ride, you will enjoy a swim, snorkeling and diving into the ocean as you see and learn more about the marine life.

You can also book the much longer and enjoyable shared boat ride that takes several days. The three days and two nights, boat ride will be a well-timed sail unlike the hurried one day boat ride. You will manage to see and experience more of the island.

You will visit the parks and numerous other islands dotted around the ocean for an enjoyable and memorable trip to the Komodo Island.