Portugal D7 Visa: The Ultimate Guide

The D7 Visa Portugal, also known as Portugal Passive Income Visa, is the best option for non-EU citizens who wish to move to Portugal using their own funds. The D7 visa allows you to enjoy Portuguese residency privileges, regardless of whether you are a retired person or an entrepreneur. This article will help you to understand the Portugal D7 visa and how to apply.

What is the D7 Visa?
The D7 visa, which is affordable and attractive for Portugal, allows non-EU citizens to obtain Portuguese residency if they have enough funds to support themselves during their stay.

This visa is perfect for entrepreneurs or retirees who wish to reside in Portugal, but not have to make major economic investments.

After one year, the D7 visa can be renewed for two consecutive periods of two years. It can also be converted after five years into a permanent residence card. You can also request Portuguese citizenship after five years of being a D7 visa holder, provided that you meet the requirements set forth in the Portuguese nationality law.

Portugal: How to obtain the D7 residency visa
You will need to meet several Portugal residency visa requirements in order to qualify for the D7 Residency Visa.

For a temporary D7 Visa, which lasts for 4 months, apply in your country.
Make an appointment with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service in Portugal (SEF), who will approve your D7 Residency visa.
The first step
All necessary D7 documents must be presented to the Portuguese Embassy in your country. If your application is approved, the embassy will issue a temporary visa that allows you to travel to Portugal. It will also include an appointment with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service. The temporary visa is valid for four months after its issue date.

Second step
After the temporary visa approval, you will need to attend an appointment with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service. Here, your biometric data will be enrolled.

The D7 Residency Visa will be issued for an initial year, renewable twice and valid for two years.

Portugal residence visa requirements for Portugal D7
You can be a non-EU citizen
You will need to have enough money to cover your expenses during your stay in Portugal
Maintain a clean criminal record
You must be willing to live in Portugal for more than 183 consecutive day.
Do you have proof that Portugal is your place of residence?
You are willing to become a fiscal resident of Portugal
D7 visa income requirements

To be eligible for the D7 Visa applicants must prove that they have a minimum amount of income or pensions over a 12-month-duration:

EUR7.980 to the first adult
EUR3.600 for two or more adults
EUR2.160 per child
D7 visa application form
Documentation required for D7 visa Portugal

Application form D7
Valid passport
2 passport-sized photographs
Evidence of regular income, or passive income
The proof of a good place to live
Background check for criminal records
Travel insurance valid with health coverage
6 months bank statements