Photography Internships: In Travel

Photography Internships in Travel and Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Show someone a beautiful, colorful film or photograph if you want to grab their attention and keep them there. Tess Flanders, a newspaper editor, suggested in 1911 that journalists and publicists use photography internships. The phrase “It’s worth a thousand Words” has been repeated and misquoted many times since then. However, it still rings true.

Professionals in the visual arts are needed for many reasons. Video and photographs are a part of our DNA. Vision is the primary way your brain processes information. 20 percent of your brain goes to this purpose. Vision is accompanied by the ability to see colors, which can increase recall of information by as much as 82 percent. Photography internships are available for high school students. Volunteer opportunities for practicing artists are also available. Journalism internships are available for college students.

Intern Abroad Headquarters offers internships for college and graduate students. They offer top-notch internships around the world, from media and communications in Greece to event and PR management in Bali.

Global Leadership Adventures is a great option for teens and high school students. The organization offers a hands-on learning experience and professional photographers for its community service projects. While abroad, you’ll be able to attend lectures and participate in workshops. This organization offers opportunities to travel to India, Peru, and Cuba.

African Impact also offers photography internships. You will be able to go on safaris with amazing animals like elephants, lions and antelope. This internship is a great opportunity to improve your landscape photography skills and animal portraiture, and raise awareness about conservation.

South Africa Photography Internship

African Impact’s creative professionals will help you gain experience in photographing wildlife, people and landscapes in South Africa’s Greater Kruger Area. While you are assisting wildlife projects in South Africa, this internship will allow you to work with professional photographers to improve and develop your skills.

Your photography¬† internships will allow you to create a stunning portfolio of photos that show your talent and raise awareness about conservation. The internship will give you experience in the pre-visualization, production and editing of photos. During this internship, you’ll learn more about South Africa’s animals and their habitats as well as the challenges they face. You will not only be photographing, but you will also edit the photos you have taken and improve the image.

Global Nomadic

Global Nomadic was founded in 2009 and has placed over 10,000 people in meaningful volunteer programs, internships, TEFL classes, and research projects in over 40 countries. The organization provides projects that cover everything from wildlife rehabilitation and environmental conservation to human rights and social sustainability. Global Nomadic is a company that helps young professionals to develop William Kofron Photography research and internship projects that will enhance their careers. You can check out their various summer journalism internships.