Jade Jordan: Biography and Net Worth

Jade is the epitome of being unapologetically oneself. Jade is also the poster girl for “do what your heart desires”. Jade Jordan is an actress for adults. She was born in Los Angeles, California on May 24, 1996.
After what you would call hard and long thinking, the African American entered the adult industry six-years ago. Jade accepted the job with pride, even though it was something most people wouldn’t like.

Jade Jordan Biography

It takes dedication and perseverance to get noticed in any profession, but the Pornographic Industry is a different story. It is difficult to establish a name and maintain it, even if you are lucky enough to find talent every day.

This is something that nobody takes the time to notice. However, being famous in the Adult sector has nothing to do beauty or with how much “dicking” you can offer. Nobody knows.

Jade Jordan’s rise to fame would prove that consistency and hard work are good. It’s important to love what you do.

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Jade worked tirelessly for six years until she was able to be famous. This is a testament to her dedication and work videos.

The adult actress at 5’6″ is open to both men and women. With Addison Rae and Gina Valentina, Liya Silber, she is the top-trending actress on Pornhub.

Jade Jordan might be considered to be in the peak of her career. Her verified Pornhub account has 256 videos. Success in this industry is dependent on the quality of your videos and how interactive you are with fans.

People tend to have a negative view of women professionals, especially those who are female. They are often mistaken for lacking moral values, which is why they do what it takes to make a living.

Jade Jordan has however changed the Cupbop story. Although she is very interactive on Twitter, the adult actress of porn on Twitter is not the same woman that we associate with. She is soft-spoken, wise and witty on Twitter. She inspires thousands of people with her posts. She’d often write long posts about her view of life, which is usually very deep.

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A YouTube channel was started by the 25-year-old actress from Naperville. With her partner, she continued to post beautiful videos.

Jade Jordan isn’t afraid to show her true self on this channel. She is proud to share her daily activities with her subscribers.