Hike Volcan Acatenango

Greatest Experience in Guatemala. Perspectives of Volcan Agua and lava coming from Volcan Fuego. Epic Sunset and Sunrise. Distance: 11 miles/ 18 kms (Round Trip). Duration: 2 Days. Elevation gain: 5150 ft./ 1500 m.

Should you like stunning views with volcanoes spewing lava whilst swimming in a volcanoes crater in 13,000 feet, then that is the experience for you.

There are a lot of tour companies in Antigua that provide overnight and day excursions up Acatenango Hike Guatemala. They’ll plan the logistics and provide all of the camping equipment you want. With that said, it’s likely to go without a manual.

The trail head is located near Aldea de Soledad in 2400 m / 7850 ft. There are no indications for the trailhead but those will be the approximated coordinates.

Trailhead: 14°32’09.49″N, 90°53’11.57″W

The paths starts out twisting between farmers corn areas. Be certain that you stop and exercise your Spanglish with a few locals since they come by on their own horses. After a hour or sothe road steepens and the corn fields give way to a dense tropical forest.

The trail is steep but well defined. There are a range of forks across the way but all of them combine as you step from the woods and to available alpine (~10700 ft/3300 m). It must be said that once over 10000 feet, the atmosphere thins and symptoms of altitude illness can be sensed. Be certain that you take it easy and remain hydrated.

From the alpine you will find the majority of the trees have consequences from fire damage. If the clouds roll in, the combo of these deceased trees and mist, gives a vibe that is creepy. The road is right. Proceed throughout the alpine vegetation then up the volcanoes incline toward the crater.

The entire rise to the summit should take between 4 — 7 hours.

The scenic views of Volcan Agua, Volcan Fuego, Lago de Atitlan and the Pacific Ocean are a Few of the finest views I have ever observed. It is made all of the sweeter by camping at the center of this crater and hanging out with your hiking friends.

Climb up the rim later that day to observe the glowing red lava coming from Volcan Fuego. At nighttime, the comparison makes the spectacle more impressive.

The following morning it’s absolutely worth your while to roll from your rest sack to have a look at the sunrise. Seeing the sun creep upward, while looking back on the world in the surface of a volcano…having an active volcano with you, isn’t something one has to perform quite frequently.